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utils.hxx File Reference

Utilities for strings, private header. More...

#include "structures.hxx"
#include <locale>
#include <clocale>
#include <unicode/locid.h>
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class  nuspell::Encoding_Converter
class  nuspell::Setlocale_To_C_In_Scope


 Library main namespace.


auto nuspell::wide_to_utf8 (const std::wstring &in, std::string &out) -> void
auto nuspell::wide_to_utf8 (const std::wstring &in) -> std::string
auto nuspell::utf8_to_wide (const std::string &in, std::wstring &out) -> bool
auto nuspell::utf8_to_wide (const std::string &in) -> std::wstring
auto nuspell::utf8_to_16 (const std::string &in) -> std::u16string
bool nuspell::utf8_to_16 (const std::string &in, std::u16string &out)
auto nuspell::is_ascii (char c) -> bool
auto nuspell::is_all_ascii (const std::string &s) -> bool
auto nuspell::latin1_to_ucs2 (const std::string &s) -> std::u16string
auto nuspell::latin1_to_ucs2 (const std::string &s, std::u16string &out) -> void
auto nuspell::is_all_bmp (const std::u16string &s) -> bool
auto nuspell::to_wide (const std::string &in, const std::locale &loc, std::wstring &out) -> bool
auto nuspell::to_wide (const std::string &in, const std::locale &loc) -> std::wstring
auto nuspell::to_narrow (const std::wstring &in, std::string &out, const std::locale &loc) -> bool
auto nuspell::to_narrow (const std::wstring &in, const std::locale &loc) -> std::string
auto nuspell::to_upper_ascii (std::string &s) -> void
auto nuspell::is_locale_known_utf8 (const std::locale &loc) -> bool
auto nuspell::wide_to_icu (const std::wstring &in, icu::UnicodeString &out) -> bool
auto nuspell::icu_to_wide (const icu::UnicodeString &in, std::wstring &out) -> bool
auto nuspell::to_upper (const std::wstring &in, const icu::Locale &loc) -> std::wstring
auto nuspell::to_title (const std::wstring &in, const icu::Locale &loc) -> std::wstring
auto nuspell::to_lower (const std::wstring &in, const icu::Locale &loc) -> std::wstring
auto nuspell::classify_casing (const std::wstring &s) -> Casing
 Determines casing (capitalization) type for a word. More...
auto nuspell::has_uppercase_at_compound_word_boundary (const std::wstring &word, size_t i) -> bool
 Check if word[i] or word[i-1] are uppercase. More...
template<class CharT , class SepT , class OutIt >
auto nuspell::split_on_any_of (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s, const SepT &sep, OutIt out)
 Splits string on set of single char seperators. More...
template<class CharT , class OutIt >
auto nuspell::split (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s, CharT sep, OutIt out)
 Splits string on single char seperator. More...
template<class CharT >
auto & nuspell::erase_chars (std::basic_string< CharT > &s, const std::basic_string< CharT > &erase_chars)
template<class CharT >
auto & nuspell::replace_char (std::basic_string< CharT > &s, CharT from, CharT to)
template<class CharT >
auto nuspell::is_number (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s) -> bool
 Tests if word is a number. More...
auto nuspell::count_appereances_of (const std::wstring &haystack, const std::wstring &needles) -> size_t

Detailed Description

Utilities for strings, private header.