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nuspell::v3::Aff_Data Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

auto parse_aff (std::istream &in) -> bool
 Parses an input stream offering affix information. More...
auto parse_dic (std::istream &in) -> bool
 Parses an input stream offering dictionary information. More...
auto parse_aff_dic (std::istream &aff, std::istream &dic)

Public Attributes

Word_List words
Prefix_Table prefixes
Suffix_Table suffixes
bool complex_prefixes
bool fullstrip
bool checksharps
bool forbid_warn
char16_t compound_onlyin_flag
char16_t circumfix_flag
char16_t forbiddenword_flag
char16_t keepcase_flag
char16_t need_affix_flag
char16_t warn_flag
char16_t compound_flag
char16_t compound_begin_flag
char16_t compound_last_flag
char16_t compound_middle_flag
Compound_Rule_Table compound_rules
Break_Table< wchar_t > break_table
Substr_Replacer< wchar_t > input_substr_replacer
std::wstring ignored_chars
icu::Locale icu_locale
Substr_Replacer< wchar_t > output_substr_replacer
Replacement_Table< wchar_t > replacements
std::vector< Similarity_Group< wchar_t > > similarities
std::wstring keyboard_closeness
std::wstring try_chars
Phonetic_Table< wchar_t > phonetic_table
char16_t nosuggest_flag
char16_t substandard_flag
unsigned short max_compound_suggestions
unsigned short max_ngram_suggestions
unsigned short max_diff_factor
bool only_max_diff
bool no_split_suggestions
bool suggest_with_dots
unsigned short compound_min_length
unsigned short compound_max_word_count
char16_t compound_permit_flag
char16_t compound_forbid_flag
char16_t compound_root_flag
char16_t compound_force_uppercase
bool compound_more_suffixes
bool compound_check_duplicate
bool compound_check_rep
bool compound_check_case
bool compound_check_triple
bool compound_simplified_triple
bool compound_syllable_num
unsigned short compound_syllable_max
std::wstring compound_syllable_vowels
std::vector< Compound_Pattern< wchar_t > > compound_patterns
Flag_Type flag_type
Encoding encoding
std::vector< Flag_Setflag_aliases
std::string wordchars

Member Function Documentation

◆ parse_aff()

auto nuspell::Aff_Data::parse_aff ( std::istream &  in) -> bool

Parses an input stream offering affix information.

ininput stream to parse from.
true on success.

◆ parse_dic()

auto nuspell::Aff_Data::parse_dic ( std::istream &  in) -> bool

Parses an input stream offering dictionary information.

ininput stream to read from.
true on success.

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