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string_utils.hxx File Reference

String algorithms, private header. More...

#include <algorithm>
#include <iterator>
#include <locale>
#include <stack>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <boost/functional/hash.hpp>
#include <boost/utility/string_view.hpp>
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struct  std::hash< boost::basic_string_view< CharT > >


 Library main namespace.


#define NUSPELL_STR_VIEW_NS   boost
#define NUSPELL_LITERAL(T, x)   ::nuspell::literal_choose<T>(x, L##x)


template<class CharT >
using nuspell::my_string_view = NUSPELL_STR_VIEW_NS::basic_string_view< CharT >
using nuspell::string_view = my_string_view< char >
using nuspell::wstring_view = my_string_view< wchar_t >


template<class CharT >
auto constexpr nuspell::literal_choose (const char *narrow, const wchar_t *wide)
auto constexpr nuspell::literal_choose< char > (const char *narrow, const wchar_t *)
auto constexpr nuspell::literal_choose< wchar_t > (const char *, const wchar_t *wide)
template<class CharT , class SepT , class OutIt >
auto nuspell::split_on_any_of (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s, const SepT &sep, OutIt out)
 Splits string on set of single char seperators. More...
template<class CharT , class OutIt >
auto nuspell::split (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s, CharT sep, OutIt out)
 Splits string on single char seperator. More...
template<class CharT , class OutIt >
auto nuspell::split_on_whitespace (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s, OutIt out, const std::locale &loc=std::locale()) -> OutIt
 Splits on whitespace. More...
template<class CharT >
auto nuspell::split_on_whitespace_v (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s, std::vector< std::basic_string< CharT >> &v, const std::locale &loc=std::locale()) -> void
 Splits on whitespace, outputs to vector of strings. More...
template<class CharT >
auto & nuspell::erase_chars (std::basic_string< CharT > &s, const std::basic_string< CharT > &erase_chars)
template<class CharT >
auto & nuspell::replace_char (std::basic_string< CharT > &s, CharT from, CharT to)
template<class CharT >
auto nuspell::is_number (const std::basic_string< CharT > &s) -> bool
 Tests if word is a number. More...
template<class DataIter , class PatternIter , class FuncEq = std::equal_to<>>
auto nuspell::match_simple_regex (DataIter data_first, DataIter data_last, PatternIter pat_first, PatternIter pat_last, FuncEq eq=FuncEq())
template<class DataRange , class PatternRange , class FuncEq = std::equal_to<>>
auto nuspell::match_simple_regex (const DataRange &data, const PatternRange &pattern, FuncEq eq=FuncEq())

Detailed Description

String algorithms, private header.