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nuspell::v5::Prefix_Multiset< T, Key_Extr, Key_Transform > Class Template Reference


class  Iter_Prefixes_Of

Public Types

using Value_Type = T
using Key_Type = std::remove_reference_t< decltype(std::declval< Key_Extr >()(std::declval< T >()))>
using Char_Type = typename Key_Type::value_type
using Traits = typename Key_Type::traits_type
using Vector_Type = std::vector< T >
using Iterator = typename Vector_Type::const_iterator

Public Member Functions

 Prefix_Multiset (Key_Extr ke, Key_Transform kt={})
 Prefix_Multiset (const Vector_Type &v, Key_Extr ke={}, Key_Transform kt={})
 Prefix_Multiset (Vector_Type &&v, Key_Extr ke={}, Key_Transform kt={})
 Prefix_Multiset (std::initializer_list< T > list, Key_Extr ke={}, Key_Transform kt={})
auto & operator= (const Vector_Type &v)
auto & operator= (Vector_Type &&v)
auto & operator= (std::initializer_list< T > list)
auto & data () const
template<class Func >
auto for_each_prefixes_of (const Key_Type &word, Func func) const
template<class OutIter >
auto copy_all_prefixes_of (const Key_Type &word, OutIter o) const
auto iterate_prefixes_of (const Key_Type &word) const
auto iterate_prefixes_of (Key_Type &&word) const =delete

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